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You can download free css templates which are listed below. All the templates offered are now designed by FreeCSS.info. The templates are released under the creative commons license. This mean the link back to this website are required on the templates. If you wish to filter the types of templates shown check out the sub category links for free wordpress themes, free cv templates and many more.


CSS Tutorials

Below are free css tutorials which you can learn CSS from. The tutorials vary from "What is CSS?" to more advanced CSS techniques such as using clearing divs. The complete guide to coding a website in CSS is also available in this section of the website. Recently the popularity of javascript frameworks has really increased, especially jQuery. You will also find various tutorials which will include CSS and jQuery in experimental and new ways.


Top Places for Wordpress Themes

Below is my favourite places to buy high quality wordpress themes for bargain prices. It also shows individual templates I like the most.

Name Min Price Max Price Our Favourites
Themeforest $12.00 $47.00 Twicet Business & Portfolio, Wordfolio
WooThemes $79.99 $500.00 Headlines, Therapy, Papercut
StudioPress $79.95 $399.95 Magazine, Education
Elegant Themes $19.95 Yearly Lumin, eGamer

See more recommended resources on our css resources page.

Awake is an amazing wordpress theme with over 30 unique style variations. Its our star buy at only $42!

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